For those who do not know me, I am the Business Operations Director at RDD. Please note the following announcement!We are looking for a Python Developer:NOTE: This is an unpaid volunteer position with a top 100 cryptocurrency organization!Want to leave your mark on a leading Blockchain initiative? Your contributions will help to bring an incredible and highly anticipated project to fruition! Of course we want someone who can contribute on a semi-full-time basis, but even part-time will be very welcome and appreciated.• Highly proficient in Python, Git, and JavaScript• A big plus: C++, MySQL, NoSQL and/or MongoDB• Ability to develop, implement, test, problem-solve, and debug components & applications• Ability to accurately estimate level of effort and forecast completion targets• Must be able to provide up-to-date software documentation• Excellent communication skills (spoken and written English), and good attention to details• Ability to work remotely with an international team (primarily USA, Central Europe & Australia)• Collaborate with other teams and team members to integrate application solutions• Position will report directly to Lead Core DeveloperNice to have, but not required:Experience in Flask, Java, API development, Node.js, web sockets, 3rd party libraries, RESTful, JSON-RPC, Slack, Trello, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial systems, Security systems & cryptographyTo help Go To:

This is a public blockchain project,developed in secrecy for over 2 years,costing $20,000,000 Dollars in upfront investments.Born on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin,this is a paramount work of the blockchain industry.This is a glorious fight for Bitcoin distribution rights,the real-life Ready Player One competition.This is a decentralized,global currency,a form of privacy protection which belongs to everyone.On the 24th of January 2019,the official V-Dimension Deep Web Site will go online!We’re going to disrupt the future.We’re going to redefine freedom.

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ReddID v.0.99.15 has been released to public beta testing group. Releasing ReddID v0.99.15 Changelog:## Version 0.99.15 (April 04, 2019)* fix cannot create reddid transaction if balance == reddid cost* fix blank page if user not selected* fix youtube channel names if contain underscores* implement postDataRetry for remaining functions* fix return value with createUser* fix parsing profile json object* load users after wallet import* New Feature (Wallet Setup Tab)* moved the wallet import and creation routines out of the popup and into a separate, browser tab* improved UX enabling enter key as an input * improved grammar

The very short version of where we are is this: During testing, we dtermined that the chain containing ReddID registrations entered a forked state due to a loss of chain consensus. So in the ".tester" domain, we have a live branch, and a branch or fork that is unaccessible to the client. If you registered a ReddID successfully during the testing period, but cannot find it or restore it now, it is because of that fork. No registered names are "lost". Essentially what our next step is, and has been mapped out and being executed presently is to migrate all production fork ReddIDs into the full ".reddid" namespace, extract and import the IDs on the "bad" fork into the same namespace so that all are visible to clients. This is happening as part of our next major release which should be within the next few weeks and will include lots of work done of the look and feel of the extension as well. It is a required step to move from the testing we've been doing to a more public-ready fully enabled domain. We're working through the technical detaisl to complete that work right now, and to integrte all work done to bring us to our 1.0 version soon. Hopefully that explains at least a little bit, and I'll be publishing a more comprehensive Team Reddcoin update as soon as I can find time to write everything up. (And just to be clear above, it is the ReddID registration blockchain that experienced a fork, not Reddcoin/RDD itself. )

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