Hi how do I add people to this group?

I am working on figuring out how to remove the limit from the group

Telegram seems to have capped us at 200 members

which is clearly not enough

see if you can get someone to join...I changed it to a supergroup which SHOULD have removed the limit

Nice pump by XVG still waiting for RDD to grow ...

It will get there :)

Some guys can join this group right?

@Bitpliers bit , people can not join this group. Whats the problem?

Trying to figure out what the deal is

This is the current link

Its a supergroup and everything is as it should be...people should be able to join

seems to be working?

Her name is Chi Luong

She is still trying. She does not understand my english tho.

I will ask her to talk to you.

@Chi1106, you should be good now! :)

im glad it turns out good. Thank you @Bitpliers 👍

Anyone in here a coder/developer?

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I have a small airbnb you can pay my in Reddcoin 20% discount if you pay with Reddcoin

What is BAT??

There is 2 coin name short name of BAT

Jason BitBender
Where is it located?

At the end of the World! , look for this on Airbnb Talknafjordur Home away from home stay with local

I will come next year

Jason BitBender

Yes Iceland some people call it Niceland

haha, well, that sounds fun

Hello All, when I upgraded the group to a SuperGroup, it looks like a bunch of people somehow got deleted. If you know someone and they are unable to rejoin, please have them PM me and I will add them manually.

Can u add mewnbot​ for the charts?

RDD come on .. XVG pumped 70% since last dropout .. And you are struggling 15%

it will get there :)