And regarding deadlines and launch dates: I think, surely giving the fact the reddcoin-team are all vollunteers with limited time to spare, no deadlines / launchdates should be set. When they are exceeded, people freak out. Regular status-updates are more sensible and valueble

Maybe need to publicate about it news in twitter group?

And maybe someone else will support us.

Happpy bday Gnasher

Happy birthday Gnasher

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how do you get RDD on telegram?

✅ please vote for Reddcoin RDD ✅ have to stay ahead 😎

when we had the tip bot on twitter you could pull back your balance and wallet id in private, do we have that here?

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waaaaaaaaaat, ty sir

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im riiiiiccch. ty guys

Hopefully one day will be worth 50 usd