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does this only work in this tele chan or can you tip across many tele chans?

/tip @gerra37 10

@dj_m0dey tipped @gerra37 of 10.0 RDD

At 900 bil we are only at 3 centd

There must be a RDD bot

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Reddcoin is valued at $0.00114523 Δ -3.00 % ≈ 0.00000033 ฿

but i gots 50 RDD now. rich rich rich =D @Naaaaaame

*places phone call, " hello room service, ill take 3 of everything"

Reddcoin is valued at $0.00114539 Δ -2.99 % ≈ 0.00000033 ฿

The current market cap of Reddcoin is valued at $ 32.78M

How much votes now?

maybe that's something for you

The electricity costs are extremely low 😃

if i stake my 50 ill be owner of the world when RDD gets rolled out to full blown REDD-ID and we get 3% world adoption.. all hail emporer shark! bow pleebs! lol

Not saying impossible but never know

my favorite crypto meme. lol inc. enjoy

we will be able to buy at the lowest again soon

Reddcoin is valued at $0.00118008 Δ -0.05 % ≈ 0.00000034 ฿

Dam B

double kill, musta went 100x on the mex lol

but only 1.3 and down..

woulda like to have kept my photon for the future but craptopia had to crash out and run the cash out scam

all sharks RDD gone in smoke....

yes craptopia= crapule