RDD needs some announcements without delay or otherwise it will sink and it will be hard to go back to the surface

yeah, all market is falling right now. its not anything to be done just now

BTC is big daddy and drowns us all along with him

you have to ride out the market cycle

we are in the 4.3 phase more or less right now

yes i know for BTC😒😞

right now its best to just drift with the trend vs fight it

buy lower sell on minor pops and rebuy even lower

or just keep avg down for now. not my first choice but for some

we could crack another 50-80% from here

its just how the tail end of bear markets work

even if i went all in today, id be ok within a year or so

BTC can still go to 3200 or 1900

BTC i had charted BTC in 2017 when it was about 18k to hit 1200. i got kicked out of alot of bull rooms for that chart

there are things that have to happen for each lower support to be hit.

SEC is is moving a little bit for ETF perhaps a good thing

and there are things that need to happen as well for it to rise and adoption

nah ETF is no good for us

thats bowing down and handing them oversight

right now, the way economic cycle works is 4 waves more or less. you gotta read wealth of nations by adam smith

so what will be a good thing ?

pepper, shells, corn, all kinda things hae been used as stores of value and commerce trade

retial adoption at the 10 buck an under level

adoption takes a few waves. miners. to get stuff, wether its gold or silver or corn

then you need another person to accept it as value and trade

then they need an exchange to exchange in larger amounts vs person to person or mini p2p

we ar at that wave of adoption now

you have seen the mine, the exchange and the actuall exchanges

now you need ease of on boarding cash to crypto

that is where we are now

once the tools are in place, and its legal, the way is clear to present that item for mass use

sorry, forgot the vendor step

that is scaled up p2p

it was a yellow vest in france on december 2018

so you go to your local burger shop they take crypto, so you can spend it with ease.

in the end though hash is bad for us as a culture. its just a digital dog tag.

solves one set of issues and opens up an entire new pandoras box

once the circle is entirely closed you will see massive price rise