last parts of infastructure are being built out and rolled out now

Governments will not let crypto-money systems settle until the tax system is reliable

And when the tax system is reliable, more people will not be interested in cryptos ...

we wll all get a central bank issues p2p currency soon enough

it will be ratified as legal tender

once cash is removed as legal tender and only your hash coded coin is allowed, then there are no more private buys or sells. everything you own is trackable from the chain tie back to purchase. so in essence you lose all freedom soon. =D

Well that was a depressing conversation.

yes sorry, we are like market tonight

but i mean, reality is depressing though cause what we said is the truth. lol.

at i cant understand, where to find the right information, but was or not, RDD-ID release now in end of january ? if not, for what i see around, why it wasn't ?

Dam B

Ha had a dream other night was in a store and salesman told me to start accumulating btc

Redd? Do something lol

Dam B

Seems like it has flattened out not sure we could possibly see lower levels but this price long term is great

Maybe uptrend begins by summer or we could be bearish all year only time will tell

It can change over night either way

Remember the day when we would wake up and 20 billion pumped into market in a few hours....the good old days. The days where your portfolio would gain a grand a day.

once upon a time teri

if thats the case it would hint at racism in the childs home as the child is to little to be scared of the president

Those children seem almost possessed.

Or at least the one child who freaked out the otherS.

Terri- cryptogranny (RDD Id)
Those children seem almost possessed.

they SAW something. Happens all the time. Its why kids cant sleep at night

seeing a pathology that isn't there. Just kids that felt uncomfortable. Not related to RDD community stuff please do not post garbage every1

That would be extreme parenting for a child to be taught that at such a young age. Some adults are just scary to kids. That comb over os pretty creepy. But the look on that childs face is almost possessed

I think that was the crypto winter face. The kid nailed it.😂

It was actually the Easter Bunny Not Trump

Or Justin Bieber. Clever editing

Juhl O
I think that was the crypto winter face. The kid nailed it.😂

I second that. It was like I went into a coma Jan 2018 and just woke up and looked at my portfolio balance.


그니깐 좀 적당히했어야죠


English in here, por favor.

chingu, korea jo i oh. but english!