Richard Siame
How many votes do we have now?

im a representative of :) i see that you're voting for the base pair competition!

The vote goes on until mainnet launch

depends on the feedback and bug reports of the users. But we are aiming for 3 weeks.

It’s ok. We need to maintain it over three weeks. 😎

Hello! If we touch first 1000 votes, does mean we are the first in the competition I think.

no:This competition gives away 1 base pair spot. No matter the votes acchieved.the 1000 likes is part of our normal listing process that will happen after the launch. The winner of this vote will not need to do the normal listing approval
Grigor-swis:Тук може да погледнете временното класиране:Моментното Класиране: 1. Reddcoin - 229 вота2. Litecoin Cash - 104 вота3. Electroneum - 67 вота

i think redd id v1 is ready. Just wait for better time

How many votes for redd?

Can someboooooooode explain to me how this coin reach 1 dollar any time soon

Can someboooooooode explain to me how this coin reach 1 dollar any time soon

Nobody can. This is pure speculation, nothing more. But with this great Team and strong community we cannot fail 🎉

Interesting article

How about we all stop asking these questions on a daily basis, don't you think they will tell us the same exact moment when there is something to announce?😂😜

Defintely not mainstream

Who can explaine this?

Maybe in here someone can explain.

Im waiting for listening a status update Reddcoin desperatly

We are waiting..please..

Just stop the complaining. Of you do........ and he is gone

if i stake my 50 ill be owner of the world when RDD gets rolled out to full blown REDD-ID and we get 3% world adoption.. all hail emporer shark! bow pleebs! lol

we will be able to buy at the lowest again soon

its just how the tail end of bear markets work

once cash is removed as legal tender and only your hash coded coin is allowed, then there are no more private buys or sells. everything you own is trackable from the chain tie back to purchase. so in essence you lose all freedom soon. =D

but i mean, reality is depressing though cause what we said is the truth. lol.

Remember the day when we would wake up and 20 billion pumped into market in a few hours....the good old days. The days where your portfolio would gain a grand a day.

I think that was the crypto winter face. The kid nailed it.😂