Is it true that Facebook use RDD blockchain for payment ?????

because right now getting people INTO crypto is fricking impossible...massive wallet downloads, blockchain syncs, complex phrases and incomprehensible jargon keep even smart investors from looking at it

sent that tip and that transaction showed in the blockchain within two minutes

rather than a like or a go to this page to pay, there is the potential for direct and instant payments on the blockchain

To someone with a debit card, the blockchain makes no sense

It makes sense to understand the blockchain and nodes

nothing to teach DL wallet sync to blockchain, then add your reddcoins, keep wallet open 24/7 and within a day it will start earning reddcoins

it will take 78904233434 years to download the blockchain

The syndicate project is focused on providing a modular and cryptographically secured management platform to enable businesses to simplify the daunting responsibilities involved with employee and asset management. While offering an AES encrypted and stable environment, SYNX will effortlessly facilitate talent, inventory, and accounting management. Key features of SYNX: -Human resource processing -Inventory tracking -Profit/Loss reporting Secondary security measures include multisig support and an additional layer of security for sensitive corporate information. Fully exportable statements all cross compatibility with current accounting and HR platforms during the initial transition period. Additionally, we’re excited to announce the SYNX porting application currently in development, which will seamlessly import pre-existing accounting and employee documentation into our blockchain verified and encrypted environment

it doesn't require integration...just registration of the account with the blockchain (eventually...this has not been released)

M Aneeq Valam: @carlesortega @CryptoRekt @vergecurrency @fluffypony @monerocurrency Lack of public blockchain rules out xmr for mu…

if Redd-ID registrations start running across the blockchain, that should spike in a major way

I still can't believe how fucking FAST RDD is transacting the blockchain

its a fork of the whole blockchain, so I think you just need to use whatever their wallet is to access it

a wallet is just a tool to access the blockchain

Had shit to do , like give out RDD at the blockchain conference

To understand the high amount in circulation; targeted towards tipping and in the future large amounts of users. Coins are not tangible, just numbers written on the blockchain. It just so happens more coins appeal towards the tipping community (rather tip 100 reddcoin instead of 0.0000023 btc) also, a burn would be counterproductive due to both a pump it would cause (and thus dump) and it works against the appeal of reddcoin as a social currency for tipping.

I did not know my country has blockchain devs :)

Once you download the wallet and get the blockchain synced, you should be able to import your wallet.dat file

can i download reddcoin blockchain separately, syncing is way too slow

I will permit discussion around the basics of blockchain technology or bitcoin in general...not other Alts though

Just Hold BTC in Bittrex or blockchain

And their team is small, so they only quickly add ERC20 tokens, haven’t seen that many different blockchain

Yh blockchain is the future

Staking is like mining in the sense that you use hardware power to support the blockchain network.

I can probably use my work laptop, I leave it on 24/7 at the office but I'm afraid the wallet and its huge blockchain will slow it down

it depends on the number of open wallets syncing, since the blockchain is self-reinforcing

Nah timezones aren't an issue in blockchain tech👌

Bootstraps are just part of a blockchain history compressed for faster downloading and syncing

I guess without regular adjustments it won’t be possible. Should be an equivalent of 5$ in RDD?

Or make it like the difficult adjustment in BTC/blockchain technology? If an x ammount of names are bought in y amount of time, then price in redd % --> decrease/increase. Let market decide

i extract everything from cryptochainer blockchain

Hmm to give you a perfect anwser. i can't, but u do need a connection cause of the syncing with the blockchain/wallets. But i don't know the tech details on that sorry. You have to ask a dev about that or someone who does :)

Bootstrap file is just a static copy of the blockchain. Should not require internet access except to download.

Hello can anyone tell me whether blockchain wallet supports the upcoming Bitcoin fork

Shorthand: an electrum wallet is a light client that doesn't require a full blockchain download. Which is a shortcoming of many current cryptos.

That becomes more important as we grow, and apps like Redd-ID rely on a safe secure fast blockchain.

It's on the blockchain anyway

blockchain was rescanning last i checked

I think the blockchain is corrupted once again, why the hell is this happening.

😂 public Blockchain