Blockchain number is growing, not Redd-ID

Just try again in a couple of minutes, looks like its indexing the blockchain because so many requests right now

On the blockchain record my ID had a. Tester ending

Blockchain is catching up ur doing better than me

Sent RDD to my newly created wallet in the app and have recieved 58 confirmations per the blockchain explorer but the wallet says the deposit is still unconfirmed. Others having this issue, too?

how long does it take Indexing blockchain

Great.. Now it says Blockchain = 0. ReddID = 0

Then it should go to blockchain=0 reddid=0

Reddcoin blockchain has reached over 29 Billion RDD in total supply 😍

It’s not blockchain anymore. It’s chainblock 😂😂😂😂

Now im sitting at blockchain=0 reddid=0

Still at blockchain=0 reddid=0 🙃

And they get stuck at blockchain=0 reddid=p

why are there real blocks on the blockchain?

The funds i sent have arrived and it now says blockchain 0 ReddID 0

It’ll tell you how to do it and how to bootcamp it so that blockchain synchronization won’t be as long

At least the blockchain changed from 0 to a number

Admin question about redd id registration, my balance was used from the name creation, does that mean i have it created already? i cant click order or register or cancel and it says register progress

I’m not sure from that info. What happens if you try reinstalling and restoring your wallet? That will refresh any info from the blockchain and hopefully reset the state of that tab, and let you re-register if it didn’t. Or show you that it did. If it deducted, it’s likely that it’s registered, but the UI needs to show that.

Im back blockchain=0 reddid=0

Does this mean it’s secured? Because after uninstalling and reinstalling it’s gone back to blockchain = 0 and reddid = 0 in red letters like it was before tech announced to try again

as long as your coins were withdrawn i am sure it is a network issue at this point of the extension syncing with the blockchain and it will be freed up once they get it figured out

were you able to at least get back in or did it erase all of you shit completely

Got back in no problem using my seed, and my balance is still there lol but I lost a lot in the drop down, and my blockchain didn’t say 0 before

I have no connection to the server? I want to register, but here is blockchain = 0 Reddid = 0 ??

Just ~20 mins ago, I got my full registration so easy and fast up to 3 mins! WOW! Check the block... you can see my registration on the Reddcoin blockchain here: ...

hope to see 1.0.0 version soon as promised. 0.99 one was dumped by indexing blockchain and so on

Can you buy more than one name per account? Is it possible that people are trying to put more than one name on an account which is causing the blockchain problem?

Unable to send tip, probably the user is not registered on this social network

I agree completely. Plus there needs to be a way for people who have never used Crypto to understand the concept of a wallet tied to the blockchain.

i reinstall walet bust stil just dont go

Blockchain = 0, ReddID = 0 ? Then maybe just wait a couple of hours

she goes on to talk about the trasnaction ledger uses to track all purchases of everybody globally via a blockchain ID, its the ID2020 project for the UN sustainable develeoptn goal 16:9 for the globalID regisstry of everybody on the planet to biometric database for this global ID biometric database through the ethereum alliance umbrella

The Great Dalmuti
if i reinstall the extension, have i to order my id again or should it be visible then??

I have the same issue, but it looks like it's already being looked into. I think it's a bug with the extension - it should pick up your ID from the blockchain, but it's not working. I'm hoping that when the bug is fixed, it finds my ID again

Getting chased by dogs for crypto awareness and blockchain adoption for charity 🚴🏻💨🐕
Duc Viet
guys I ordered my name and ive been charged for that. but nothing has happened so far and still my name is available if i type it in

did you take a brake in the middle of the registration or did you wait until order was confirmed? Do you know by any chance if the blockchain started indexing in the middle of the process? Since I guess this could brake it

Patrick Seegers
Yesterday I registered my username. Today i reinstalled the extension. How to reconnect to my username?

If it successfully registered it should pull the data from the blockchain and show it in the ReddID tab. If not you might have to go through the registration again. We had a number of users since launch that we’re not communicating with the system fully and may not have actually registered those names. If it confirms it for you, it’s on the blockchain and permanent and will be retrieved when you import the associated wallet seed phrase. If not, it’s not actually registered.

But removing it should wipe any local storage and pull valid data from the blockchain, as long as nothing’s interrupting that communication back and forth.

Jarmo (jamokoo)
so not possible to use same redd-id account from multiple computers?? its asking to register redd-id after wallet import.

Like Johannes said, you need your seed words to import the wallet your Redd-ID is associated with. Once the wallet is restored on the new computer, once it syncs with the blockchain, you should have access to your ID

Ok. You literally have an id registered on a blockchain tied to your wallet that I just sent 10 rdd to without even knowing your address. Just the name. Could you explain to me where we’ve fallen short?

May just need to remove and reinstall. If you restore with your twelve word wallet seed, it will pull existing info from the blockchain.

We’ve had some reports that seem to indicate some clients aren’t communicating well with the server and blockchain. We’re looking at how to build that out, for sure.

Balance: 0.00000000 RDD Order Progress Register Progress Reddid Indexing. Blockchain = 0. ReddID = 0

so basicly if i see in bold red: Reddid Indexing. Blockchain = 0. ReddID = 0 I need to try "reconnect" right?

I've seen some people talk about the number of people that have registered a Redd-ID, where can I find that number?

They’re looking at users in the chrome store, I believe, although there are a few other ways to see that number and other info on the blockchain itself. We’ll be building some webpages to showcase that info shortly. Could use some folks to help in that effort, actually, if any of you ReddHeads want to step up. 😎😍