We might be in for a surprise soon. No ETF in Q1, so btc up or down soon?

😂 wow 14btc wall at 38 was just deleted

The old 'send me 1 BTC and I will send you 10 back' Trick 😏

Scam message on the rdd facebook... sent 0.2 btc and get 2btc back... scam scam scam people!!!!

the global market makes me nervous and fear of btc drop to 3200

Bitcoin (BTC)$3.604,80 USD (0,11%)

hodl like my other crypto but if btc down to 3200 hoddl is not a good idea

Should all hold till btc hits 50k $

At least March 2019 btc will return to 4xxxusd area

We need btc price to triple for rdd to go anywhere. At current btc price no alt going anywhere

My concern is so many projects developing and spending time on perfecting alts when at the end of the day regardless price wont go anywhere till btc recovers

In the end it won't bring much from the price anyway because we hang too much on BTC price. Should it then be different the better.

Hye guy just want to ask,did you think rdd have potential to grow like btc,bitcoin cash and ethereum

Eventually btc will die out there is no need for it its expensive to mine aswell

Too much infrastructure being built for btc to die 250k++

Bitcoin (BTC)$3.462,83 USD (-0,58%) 1,00000000 BTC (0,00%)

It will over preform to the down side. Btc 1150

I finally figured out where BTC is headed next! Please do not tell anyone else!

The hole market is fucked even btc .tron .....

Its a normal that people ask for it. How long can they say just wait

Releasing it wont change price. We at the mercy of btc. So who cares how long..

BTC is big daddy and drowns us all along with him

yes i know for BTC😒😞

BTC can still go to 3200 or 1900

BTC i had charted BTC in 2017 when it was about 18k to hit 1200. i got kicked out of alot of bull rooms for that chart

Dam B

Ha had a dream other night was in a store and salesman told me to start accumulating btc