Cryptic Bear
You could say the same about banks. 😁

Yes but there are few more guarantees there in my country. Many more than with some of the crypto operators...

@cryptoBUZE you have insufficent funds.

@cryptoBUZE your current balance is: 17.879 RDD ≈ $0.022

@cryptoBUZE tipped @vanminc of 10.0 RDD

@cryptoBUZE your current balance is: 7.879 RDD ≈ $0.01

@cryptoBUZE tipped @vanminc of 1.11 RDD

@BrissieCrypto your current balance is: 1.0 RDD ≈ $0.001

/tip @BrissieCrypto 10 have few RDDs

@harmonyq tipped @BrissieCrypto of 10.0 RDD

@TechAdept There is a new security vulnerability and Reddcoin has been specifically identified as being impacted. Are you aware of this? Do you have any plans for it? Seems to be due to limited validation of stakes that could overload nodes on the network.

Vishnu is writing new kamasutra dont have time for crypto

What the hell happened to Cryptopia 😥😥😥

Can you guys stop promoting cryptopia

Killua Zoldyck
wow ur so bullish 😂 im okay with 500 sats 😂

No, I'm not bullish... I would like every of us to help our crypto love, Reddcoin.

what news about RDD? What will be our rdd balance on cryptopia??

I guess crypto is finally dead..

nice job community

Literally the best community in the cryptosphere!!

People can’t give up on crypto! Smh!

my favorite crypto meme. lol inc. enjoy

now you need ease of on boarding cash to crypto

so you go to your local burger shop they take crypto, so you can spend it with ease.

Governments will not let crypto-money systems settle until the tax system is reliable

And when the tax system is reliable, more people will not be interested in cryptos ...

I think that was the crypto winter face. The kid nailed it.😂