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Believe I've read the AMA once or twice ^^ But was just wondering about other wallets and PoS, if they have the same syncing times and such. Or are they all Electrum based?

Some have the same issues; the larger the blockchain, the longer it takes... Reddcoins blockchain currently is around 2 GB iirc. E.g. the Dogecoin wallet seems to have even bigger times as its blockchain is much larger in size. Coins which have a electrum (style) wallet are e.g. BTC, DASH. And lol, I forgot you even translated the AMA yourself 🙈

looks like RDD will be listed in cryptaldash next month

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Ok guys, is there anybody who knows popular youtubers? Would be great if we know them and request if they join Redd-ID beta testing. If no one knows anyone, we might all have to actively try to reach out to them. The more the better and the faster our network can grow.

The list of crypto vloggers is almost as long as the list of crypto currencies available. Below a listing 1. Coinmastery 2. Datadash 3. Crypto Daily 4. Boxmining 5. Ian Baling 6. Suppoman 7. Ivan on tech 8. Crypto Bobby 9. Crypto Investor 10. Louis Thomas 11. David Hay 12. Chart Guys 13. Cryptobird 14. Doug Polk Crypto 15. Tone Vays 16. Chris Dunn 17. Ameer Mosic It would be great if we could invite all of these vloggers to a ReddID demo session centrally lead by for example @TechAdept I know in the team there are 3 people - Amon - @PasCarbs - AlbertoGR8 That according to their role of either Media Content Creator & Marketing or Social Media Officer could play a role in organizing this. This could be in cooperation with the separate Dutch group that was established yesterday. What about this?

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Who the hell has $8,000 laying around to buy RDD

8k Usd pays you 3 MN shares of Dash! At peak it was worth arround 90k 😂😂😂. 8k is a lot of money to put in a tipping coin, you must be super rich whale 😃.

Somebody said on the revain dashboard that Reddcoin is dead. I believe it's not true

(open Developer Dashboard...F5, F5, F5...)

i cant find ecause i ask :)

first go Dashboerd then Discover more assts :)

Is there anything in the RDD wallet that is new over BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, XLM, DASH, BTG, and DGB wallets? namely send + recieve only? I've tried mutiple iterations off all those wallets over the last 2 years. If RDD is the same then I'll skip it until I really need it.

CCN: Dash Launches Text-Based Crypto Payment Service in Venezuela.

Sooooo. I guess me buying Kim Kardashian is out of the picture? 😒☹😂🤣😂🤣😂

I thought about buying celebrity names, but could barely part with my reddcoin for my name let alone someone elses. I am greedy that way. Donald Trump, the Kardashians, Taylor Swift just to name a few. Kind of like snatching up all of the Domain Names and selling them for a premium.