Ne da muss der reddcoin min. auf 60 cent steigen Oder der digibyte, ripple nem Oder musicoin aber es bewegt sich nicht viel.....aber wir haben ja Zeit

LOL, I did NOT Buy Doge, I bought DigiByte Tyler, LOL

I bought all doge digibyte redd xrp nem booom for next few year

Digibyte gaat alleen omhoog omdat mcafee erover praat

digibyte ok or not?

Reddcoin, dogecoin, and digibyte are going to be major players, they have be in the shaoeshift and changely exchange for a reason people will manipulate it to rise

@Doctorthee Borrowing an idea from Digibyte community: I suggest having a separate group for support, ideas, feedbacks and suggestions and another for price and exchange discussions. Valuable feedbacks tend to get lost among tons of comments about price updates.

Why don't someone do this same as digibyte to get redd on binacle ....... and it's free

The following virtual currencies can currently be accepted by Coinify merchants: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, Startcoin, TetherUSD, Dogecoin, Reddcoin, Peercoin, StorjX, Nubits, Novacoin, Digibyte, Mastercoin, and Counterparty.

My digibyte and electroneum zijn nog ook


Oh boy. I remember back when DigiByte did the whole Minecraft server thing. I hope this time it actually has an impact, but I wouldn't get my hopes up

Also keep an eye on dgb (Digibyte)

I was in alot of coin groups to stay with the news everyone says his coin is the best all bullshit bit rdd really worked out for me like digibyte and verge did for me last year

Sold all my Reddcoin and get some Digibyte

Is it crazy to compare redd to digibyte

Good to hear. This isn't digibyte.

Digibyte has the same problem

Is digibyte proof of stake

After months of hard work, we did it! After the Android version, DigiByte Wallet is now available as an official app in the iOS App Store! You can use 54 different languages and still counting... Get your wallet now in the App Store:

Digibyte just simple wallet and similar name to RDDID but the project of RDDID is biggest

i bet on reddcoin digibyte and mda to get funds i hope to have chooses the good coin Bullish Return, Bitcoin Private, DigiByte, Zilliqa, ReddCoin See Crypto Return Favours (RDD), DigiByte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE): 3 Coins to see Massive Growth in Q1 2019
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