Ripple or Ethereum.

Ethereum would be nicer 😅

I hope Ethereum will win over xrp

she goes on to talk about the trasnaction ledger uses to track all purchases of everybody globally via a blockchain ID, its the ID2020 project for the UN sustainable develeoptn goal 16:9 for the globalID regisstry of everybody on the planet to biometric database for this global ID biometric database through the ethereum alliance umbrella

Credit @Edmund Lim. Thank you. #TheHerdisComing #XRPthestandard #XRPthebase #HODL $589 is still possible (BG589). Pros/Speculation List: - Saudi Arabia will bring down the petrodollar / USD if Trump sanctions them - US stock exchange collapse - The Economist 10/10/2018 world currency prediction - David Schwartz last year tweeted about XRP: do not miss the NEXT Ethereum (ETH went from $8 to $1385 in 2017) - Remember, Remember, the 5th of November (Ripple Riddler) - We are in the season of the bull runs - Custody - Bakkt - Rockefeller/Rothschild/Soros invest in crypto while average Joe runs away - Tether collapse - Ripple meeting with Trump, lobbying politicians - BG123 predicted collapse of October and Bull run after the dispair - Teeka Tiwari says bull run is coming EOY, predicted last years bull run - ETF will be approved - Fidelity, which administers more than $7.2 trillion in client assets, just made it easier for hedge funds and other pros to invest in cryptocurrencies - Temenos and SWIFT integration in November (© Ben Wright) - XRP community is only divided about the timing of $589, not if but when - Keep repeating it, self fulfilling prophecy is REAL - Millionaires teach you to aim high, not low, think positive, not negative - Shane Ellis crypto exchange theory, skyrocketing XRP price overnight - Did anyone notice how the BTC price skyrocketed $1,000 on Bitfinex in 2 hours time with just a couple million of dollars, Shane Ellis anyone? - 21st November is the day when all the fund managers decide on what to invest in for the next year (© Chris Andrews) - Esoteric Trading Solutions Valuation $334.47USD per 1 XRP - Capitulation phase always comes before the bull run, embrace the FUD - Amazon stock price went down 96% before going to the moon, CNBC said it was over for them, turns out the rich were secretly investing in Amazon while average Joe was being scared away by rich owned CNBC - Be greedy when others are fearful - Be fearful when others are greedy - XRP just needs to be a couple dollars to become #1, imagine the worldwide headlines "XRP takes over the number one spot from Bitcoin", XRP? Who, what? Bull. Run. - Yale investing $400 million in crypto, why are they buying your coins while you sell? - Satoshi Nakamoto himself gave his approval to XRP, ignore Fuddy Decree - SIBOS conference coming with RIPPLE participating (© Alpha 65) - Technology adoption life cycle: we are the innovators, the 0,0001% (out of a 7.5 billion world population). There is a video on Youtube where they are mocking the Internet in 1994, who needs the Internet?! - XRP fastest cheapest most decentralized environment friendly coin out there - You are welcome to add to this list, let's keep it updated, this is the new Vincent Wilson XRP meme: "$589 is still possible"! - By all means, feel free to copy+paste and spread the message!

Anyone here hoarding Ethereum at these low prices?

Still a feat since you are not using ethereum's chain.

Or all peple have to change from xrp and ethereum to redd

Ethereum will use proof of stake. Some coins also use super and master nodes to secure network and realize super fast transactions. This is a great concept. And everyone Who participate earns some extra coins as rewards. I shared some of my stake rewards to random Telegram users or closer friends. Spread the Redd ❤️

Nah those babies are gonna be ethereum if they dont get that fork right😂😂😂

yes that for ethereum

M Α🍾
God will punish that hacker with some Biblical Shit. Death by Diarrhea. I doubt that the hacker took the small altcoins

Here is a revelation of what the hacker took. But the bitcoin blockchain has not been examined yet and other blockchains. Just the Ethereum blockchain has been examined. See below

I believe a few others had the same idea, for sure. It’s one reason that evolving part of Reddcoin into offering a service much like DNS for the internet or ENS for the Ethereum network seems like an almost obvious step. “RNS”, perhaps. Expandable to support other chains as needed, especially as atomic swaps come into being cross-chain.

Hye guy just want to ask,did you think rdd have potential to grow like btc,bitcoin cash and ethereum