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Which wallet is the easiest to stake from? Since StakeUnited left, I don't think I've been staking my RDD because I prefer to be hands-off, even if that means trading off some of the security and fees

Lukas not dm me... no secrets here

You always wait to the last moment. This is not profecional

We always want them all fast ... but this is not the reality ... I believe that the security of the project goes first. .😉

Take more people in the team ;)

Always asking. Can’t make a volunteer step forward, it has to be in their heart. Of course, once we’ve managed to secure investors, and it will happen, being able to pay salaries does change our game a bit.

David Sun Pham
What does it mean admin?

We are allowing investment in Reddcoin Solutions to provide funding to drive Reddcoin development and pay salaries, allow for marketing and legal costs, etc. is mediating and enabling that offer for us and ensuring everything is legal and compliant under the guidance of an ex-SEC commissioner’s legal advice. The same way Red Hat drove Linux development, we are trying to make happen here. And with an ability for smaller investors (like people in the ReddHead community) to participate in that investing process... and beyond that, maybe get some of you jobs working for Reddcoin Solutions with us to help push forward. All of that growth takes money and planning and talent. Not just a cool awesome piece of software.

@TechAdept There is a new security vulnerability and Reddcoin has been specifically identified as being impacted. Are you aware of this? Do you have any plans for it? Seems to be due to limited validation of stakes that could overload nodes on the network.
Tech Adept (RDD)
That article notes that their discovered vulnerability is not exploitable in RDD.

Yes but RDD is vulnerable to the second vulnerability "Vulnerability #2: Spent Stake".

Tech Adept (RDD)
That article notes that their discovered vulnerability is not exploitable in RDD.

Thanks Tech. However there were two vulnerabilities listed. The first is not exploitable in Reddcoin, but the second is listed as exploitable.

Yes but these are problems that could have nothing going on and technical questions like this could spread fud and you might have a better conversation

Then he can just confirm it here or not. It was a simple question and people ask in here about security concerns and potential vulnerabilities all the time.

Marcie Marc
@OzMike I have read the article and indeed #1 seems NOT applicable to RDD👍 but nowhere in the article I could find # 2 is applicable for RDD. How did you come to your conclusion that #2 is applicable for RDD?

Hi Marcie,If you look about 2/3rds into the article there is a table showing the projects they've analysed. It lists which project is susceptible to which of the two vulnerabilities. Reddcoin is listed against the second vulnerability. Here is a screenshot of that table.

With two more votes, we'll be in second place.

SEC is is moving a little bit for ETF perhaps a good thing

Juhl O
I think that was the crypto winter face. The kid nailed it.😂

I second that. It was like I went into a coma Jan 2018 and just woke up and looked at my portfolio balance.