My poloniex withdrawals still pending since 21 June can't buy cheap RDD

Don't predict just watch

Yes. Hope so's accumulating since long

Yeah .. It will break out

What is status on red ID??

What happened to rdd ...

XVG awaken .. Rdd still in sleep

RDD waked up ..right Now it's long way to go

I think 130-150

If redd ID launch this month may be 150+

Current pump I 81

They after tomorrow 120

coins pump together are :- #XVG / #RDD / #Bitbean #XDN #Myriad

1 million in 2020

But I will rebuy

Hello... join the group if you want quick profit I joined past week it's really working

Is it sure news??

There are so many rumours..

Redd id when launching??

Could anybody know BTG snapshot will took at 491,407 We have too keep our btc until ???