I am not gone, just super busy this time of year @DangerRuss :)

Things have been nuuuuuuts for me at work...I just turn off telegram and try not to look at it until January :P

@DiMiTri1 thanks for pointing that out...he has been banninated

Ok guys, I gotta get back to work-work stuff....should be around more after the first of the year.

Note: Never ever give your wallet or password to anyone, regardless of who they are. Ask for help, but never hand over the keys of your wallet to anyone even if they are well-intentioned. You need to be responsible for your own account security.

Happy to be here...just dealing with some issues then I have to go bury myself in work again

I would like to come out and say that the "Reddcoin Community" announcement channel has nothing whatsoever to do with Team Reddcoin. Take any advice or news offered there at your own risk. I don't know who set it up and I can't shut it down apparently, but it has nothing to do with Reddcoin.