These are not kids. Life is hard. Every body has some personal problems. Looking at some of the Facebook pages of theses developers they seem to live comfortable live

The idea was cool. I got my money. and really I had fun with reddcoin for 3 years. Just feel sorry for people that are stil putting money in to this.

Hope you all make your million dollars but this hires has gone on another track

I made about 17.000 dollars out of rdd so I am happy. Probably some one of you that got my coins thanks for your money

Look I'm not spreading some rumours trying to get price to go down to buy more. I was a long holder 3 years. You can look for my on reddit Ragnar84 just don't want to see more people loos more money on this project. There is just something wrong going on here

Edwin how many RDD do you have

So I posted something on reddit about reddcoin and it got removed don't know if the link I have is still working can i post it here

I think I made some good points

Got a private messege from one of the devs want to see?