@AlbertoGR8 I don't know Hispanic can I use English ?

Alberto Ganado
No problem, anyway, you have the official English chat

Yes I'm one of the very active member of official RDD group there Admins Cramer, tech adept all knows me very well

HODL till Dec 18 expected price is .03 cents to 0.25 cents usd

Hassel Mendez
Xvg did it, why not reddcoin?

There is substantial difference in coin supply of RDD 28BILLION and XVG only18 billion coin supply....this is the major difference.

Please make me also admin of this group I will give my 100% grow this group .

I am one of the active member of RDD official English group

@AlbertoGR8 please make me admin of this group

Tip to me also please

How all REDDHEADS doing ?

Thanks to contributor Jan Hoeve, #RDD has a new and improved #Java #API for accessing the #Reddcoin JSON-RPC interface, and programatically working with the #blockchain. See github below. Great work, Jan, and #Stake_On, #Reddheads! #cryptocurrency #BTC https://t.co/KHKIbt8JKP