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Dai per dio

Ciao a tutti , c è un progetto con questa moneta o é solo per speculare ?

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Guys, I dont normally say a lot on here but i want to point out something and share something special with you all. This isnt just to praise what @andres_lu just did but really capture what this community is all about and what Reddcoin and its Reddheads will do to help people around the world. Reddcoin isnt just a crypto but it is the change that we need in this world. I tipped @andres_lu 100 RDD and he could have kept it for himself, but he decided to share that 100RDD to 72 others on here. Thats what Reddcoin is all about, sure we would all like to make money and be successful by making sound investments and profiting off of the crypto we have, but its what we do with our success that helps someone else who is less fortunate. Yes i know 100RDD is a small amount but its the premise behind those types of actions that make Reddcoin different than any other Crypto in this space.I want to give you all chance to picture what I see Reddcoin becoming in a few years and why myself and my colleagues that are working hard everyday on this project. We are here to make a difference in the world, to help change a life. Reddcoin wont be just a social tipping token, it will be a family currency and that family will be every individual who is envolved in Reddcoin. What keeps me working extremely hard for Reddcoin - is the fact that we will help change the world and change lives. The World and Internet are becoming a wasteland of “greed” and “selfishness”, where is the love and compassion to help others who are in need? To do more for others rather than yourself? Where can we unite as a people to push humanity into a direction of peace and harmony, to come together as one to help a country, a village, a family, and children who are in need of assistance? As an example: There are over 7 Billion people in the world if only 5% of the world used Reddcoin that would be 350,000,000 Million people, if only 20% of those folks donated a 1$ Dollar of RDD(per year) towards a helpful cause around the world that would be (70,000,000 Million Dollars) to help a country who is in shambles, provide a village with food and clean water, help build a house for a family who lives on the streets, and provide financial assistance for children to have an education, pay for medication, and receive medical treatments. For these reasons I will always stay and work hard for Reddcoin so we can make the world a better place, to put people first, to bring love and compassion back into this divided world. That 1$ dollar in RDD that you could donate can be directly be sent to a charity right from the free staking rewards you receive from your wallet and sent to anyone on ReddID, it will make a huge impact in the world. Where one stick may break, a bundle of sticks is strong. Where 1RDD is cheap 70 million RDD is strong. Thank you all who give to others and thank you all who donate or share their RDD to others. These kind of examples we see everyday in this community just opens our eyes to what we will be like in a few years.

Everyday you will see many reasons to testify about this great company on how they changed lives financially. My gratitude to my friend that introduced me and to Mr Martin Verneri, but I doubted the first time, and i never believed. But after reading lots more of testimonies and I decided to give a try. Now I can testify It's real, I have been on it for months now still counting.... Contact him @martin_verneri You can start with the minimum and earn everyday. You can click on the link to view 👇👇https://wa.me/[email protected]👈

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Dovremmo avere molti più ReddHead dopo Harmonyq. Ecco il suo link YouTube in modo che anche altri possano seguirlo. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnnff44_Yk0YJ03AlWti9lA

Buon pomeriggio

Preliminary RDD history book front cover: https://www.docdroid.net/weyT4km/reddcoinfront01062020-pdf
@TechAdept will be on a live podcast this Sunday 11am Eastern US time, courtesy of https://blockchainbusinessmagazine.com/ Link to view it live will be posted when available. 😎

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