Tech It brings some questions from users of the official Korean telegram. I would appreciate your response and thought it was a light AMA as the boring wait continues. question 1. You said REDD-ID will be released in two to eight days. Are you sure about this schedule? 2. Where is the registration fee for the REDD-ID used? And is the wallet receiving registration fee open? For example, are there any plans to use it to be listed on the same exchange as Binance? 3. What additional revenue model does the core team have, except for the registration cost of the REDD-ID? 4. How about a live broadcast event celebrating the release of the REDD-ID? 5. Why don't the core teams get together and work in one office? (Joke) 6. Does Gnasher do development alone after release of REDD-ID? Or is it a team? 7. How old is Gnasher? (Joke) 8. The core wallet is often in error. Do you have an update plan? 9. Are there plans for additional outlets to be listed? Or is there a definite exchange? 10. Can REDDCOIN be purchased directly from the website, not from the exchange? 11.When will Linda Wallet be available? 12. Do developers struggling in the core team get incentives? 13.How far along is the development of mobile wallets? Does the mobile wallet Gnasher develop it alone? 14. Should the ID generated during the beta testing of the REDD - ID be initialized? Can't you just keep it? 15. Digibyte or Gift also has functions similar to REDD-ID. What is the difference? 16. Do you want to play Meetup in Korea? 17. Don't you want to conduct aggressive marketing through press interviews, Twitter, or YouTube like Tron? (RDD), DigiByte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE): 3 Coins to see Massive Growth in Q1 2019