🙂 looking forward to see some action in the group. Will take some time and some promotions 🙂 The group will be used to release tournament passwords as well, so we should be getting more members soon!

Is there a link I can put up

I also created a discord group. When we have bigger tournaments we can have conversations there. https://discord.gg/5DdkNCh https://t.me/joinchat/IUV9bFEe9Rlx1agLBNrBpQ

login to client, go to account>transfer chips at www.rddpoker.com

at options you can set if you have a mobile or desktop. it is way smoother in mobile view in my opinion even on desktops i use it xD

Can't wait for Saturday!!! What what what!!

Yessir! Let's get it

It's 2pm est tournament should start now

How do I play? Unfortunately my rdd coins are stuck on bittrex

What's your username?

And I have to validate my account to move them to my wallet

My username on here?

Oh I haven’t signed up yet , sorry

It won’t let me sign up from my iPhone

It can’t find the server

Have you tried from a desktop?

Hold on my username is Cosmix

Have you completed the sign up.. it doesn't show that username has been found

Forget it. I haven’t completed the process

I am still figuring out the wallet

It's starting at 4 now

Oh how many people so far ?

People are rolling In late

But I can’t get any coins to my wallet

So it won’t matter

It is for 2 rdd coins?

Winner gets 500rdd

It can stay on the rddpoker till ur wallet it good

I am paying for your buy in! All you have to do is sign up!

LOL 😂😂😂😂

I paid for techadept

Unless u already did then now he has extra

Welcome James!

Have you registered also?