Josh Martell
Hey y'all.. I'll be more active as of now.. had a rough past two weeks..

dont worry, rddpoker will be there tomorrow as well, life is more important sometimes. How´s it going, getting less rough?

Yeah it's better, my gf quit her job and tattoos have been light and had a lot of bills and traveling to see family just left me broke and stressing out but I figured it out ha I'm good..

Anybody up to play some poker?

I’ll be there.

Josh Martell
I'm down..

We don’t need anymore people. You can go to the differ drift summer

Good morning reddheads =D

sry cheetah81, I saw you wrote me, fell asleep on the table XD

You were seated and got timed out halfway through a hand. What time is the game today?

I´ll do some spamming, call some friends for the cashgame and we are up at around 6 pm, so in about 5 hours

I’m game.

Welcome to the group :) to deposit you can use the official tip bot, withdrawals are done via pm system. Make sure to place your withdrawal adress within our pokerclient at

The DDSPS #7 Omaha & #8 Holdem are starting tonight at 8:45 pm & 9pm, tournaments are open for registration. Cashgame action at 6pm (GMT)

Anyone up to play

Can you tell us in EST and PST ? It will make it easier to support and play

Can I still join a tournament ?

I hear ya. You can always look up GMT on google. I’m game to play a rdd cash game.

I’ll play a cash game at 1pm gmt

I’m game.

In one hour. Lol

They always have free rolls and at 7 pm (1pm GMT) they have a PLO freeroll tourney. It is fun

I’m going to have to check them out sometime.

I already won hundreds of CHP and never have deposited

Anyways, I honestly rddpoker gets better over time. I have faith

I hope so too. It would be a nice place to have a game using rdd

Sorry something came up

they have a good concept, but they are strongly commercial orientated.

I hear ya. You can always look up GMT on google. I’m game to play a rdd cash game.

I´ll find a better way to get the timings announced, on future flyers there will be two time zones. 1 us 1 eu

I fell asleep yesterday, sorry, but my last week was horribly stressful, havent had more sleep then 4 hours in a day -.- did the ddsps start or didnt we get enough players?

Not sure. The flyers on here helped as a reminder

Is anyone playing in today's tourney

What time does it start?

The 2:00 one just ended.. heh

Darn. I missed it.

Anyone other than you play? Lol

Nah lol no one showed up so..

So what time is the next one? I wish more people know about this great poker room.

Yeah I checked the site a couple times and nobody was on. Plus the times listed are confusing. Yes I get you can look it up but that isn’t human nature. The easier the better, but anyways , time will tell whether or not your site gets some players now and then

It's still fresh, it needs time to get more attention in the crypto community

Sounds good. Hopefully everything works out for rdd