I'll be there for every tournament!

Congrats to Liza for winning may promotion 🙂. posting on homepage will follow later today/tomorrow, depends on your timezone 😄

Josh Martell
I'll be there for every tournament!

looking forward to some great games 😄. I´ll open a forum thread soon so we can post winners & update the leaderboard 🙂

I need to get more involved on reddcoinpoker.com .. in struggling to find time to do anything haha I'll make time bro

Josh Martell
I need to get more involved on reddcoinpoker.com .. in struggling to find time to do anything haha I'll make time bro

no worries, I am glad youre helping, in any speed- fun projects>life

Hi Aleks 🙂 Welcome to the group

Welcome to the group 🙂

Welcome jurgen!

Welcome to the group reddheads, the differdrift summer poker series starts tomorrow at www.rddpoker.com , would love to see you play, while waiting check out the sit & go tab where you´re able to play in our Step tournaments, 1st step is free, last step gives you 1k rdd ❤️

someone up for a game? I am registered for step 1 🙂

moment, well find 1 😄

moment, well find 1 😄

let me correct myself, I hope we find one 😄

Not a lotta poker players in rdd community

the platform is very new so not a lot of people know about 😄

Ic coinpoker is building a bit of steam

they are, they deserve their space in the market I guess, but rddpoker will be clearly different, the fact that we are not commercially orientated but player focused is what will make the difference in the end.

I hope to see rddpoker active too

well it wont get less, only more 😄. we are young, and we are not that many (yet), but give it some time. I am currently looking to get sponsors on board so we get a little more marketing budget and more features. The crowdfunding deposit feature should also contribute towards faster development.

I will also create a weekly password protected freeroll today or these days, there are many freeroll password sharing sites where I can "leak" the password to which should bring new traffic 🤔

People love freerolls

Coin has non stop freerolls

we do too, wait a few weeks, traffic will rise 🙂 the bankroll builder is great to start from zero to hero 😄

game has started Eric 😄

Eric Paul
Coin has non stop freerolls

We will take longer to grow, but compared to a company like coinpoker we have no responsibility to investors and we can focus on putting all revenue back to the community instead of focusing on ROI & milking players like a cashcow. Not saying they do but I expect them to. I admit they have some great promos running, but in the end Its better to grow slow but constantly without having to fullfill the needs of investors.

Not trying to bash them, but the big difference to them & us is that we are here for fun with player in focus, they are here for extracting money since nobody invests just for the greater good...

2/3 😄. up for a 2nd round?

Newcomers 100 RDD FREEROLL, weekly Sunday 10 pm servertime (UTC/GMT) Password: rddtothemoon

I’m excited to see where reddpoker goes

I’ll be on for tomorrow’s games 🤑

mainpage will get a full rework soon, new promos will be added, and more to come 😄

It feels cool playing pokerwith rdd I feel like a high roller 😁

hope you like the new homepage, was sitting on it quite some time now, its 6:30 am here haha. https://reddcoinpoker.com/ should convert new players better.

If you find spelling mistakes would be great if you could report them by marking +ctrl&enter 😄. strongly appreciated, since I am not a native english speaker.

Hello Reddcoin Poker! I will now greet anyone who joins this chat with a nice message 😁 Check the /help command for more info!

You need to send a message, too! For example: /welcome Hello $username, welcome to $title!

/welcome Welcome to the group! Thanks for joining us, if you´re not yet registered make sure to visit our pokerclient www.rddpoker.com and our community website www.reddcoinpoker.com