Cashgame action starting in around 45 minutes. First 3 Players to take a seat at the table recieve 50RDD instant bonus. Table opens 18:55 GMT First 10 Players to deposit recieve a 100% upto 200 RDD bonus

Table is called DDSPS PROMO CASHGAME and will be put online in 40 minutes

You can use the tipbot to fund your account.

in the following format: /tip @reddcoinpoker XXX RDDPOKER USERNAME: ENTERNAME.

in case your username differs from the one used here.

XXX= the amount you want to transfer to your rddpoker account

dont worry, me neither, but the tip bot is straight forward.

if you would like to deposit 50rdd it would be the following: ...

/tip @reddcoinpoker 50 Cosmix

youll need to set a username first

you need to have rdd to transfer them, do you have some?

youll need to put them on your tip wallet

dont use my adress, enter /deposit yourself

Ernest Monge
Did I mess up ?

its fine, there was no cosmix 1 but I saw cosmix

200 RDD transfered to your rdd poker account

9* 100% upto 200 RDD deposit bonuses left.

its -4 right? so tourney 1 = 7pm tourney 2 8pm

Ernest Monge
As you can see we have 6 players logged on. Nice! This site will get up and running in no time. Later you can show me how to send you all $10 to help with our crowdfund goals

Youre awesome. Just play with us thats the best help you can give 😃 the rake is set very fair, but we will be able the reach the devgoal that way if we get some action 🙂

cashgame starting soon 😄. such excitement 😄

the cashgame starts 7pm gmt, table opens 6:55, first 3 players seated get a 50RDD bonuscash. 9 times 100% upto 200rdd deposit bonuses left. 50RDD freeroll at 11pm 150rdd guaranteed at 12pm. GMT 0

sec, ill send link for time conversion:

wait a sec, I see your deposit. twice 😄

whats your username?

Deposit confirmed. 8 Times 100% upto 200 RDD Deposit Bonus left 🙂

cashgame table opens in 3 minutes, first 3 players seated recieve 50RDD instant bonus 🙂


game is open, good luck and lots of fun today 🙂

cosmix & notoriousRDD get an instant bonus of 50, 1 more player to join & grab some free cash 😄

50 RDD INSTANT Bonuses gone, still 7 times 100% upto 200 RDD deposit bonus left 🙂

we got 5 players at the cashgame, anyone up to join us to get a little more action?

transfer confirmed

Deposit Confirmed

wanna join our cashgame?