Have you had a look at my last posting? The problem with the deposit options are that there are coders with fully functional scripts, they cost 1k€ or more, there are coders with Agent scripts, found 2, one has more eyecandy, little other features, less agent features but enough, the other is a pure agent system with very detailed stats etc, both cost €500. The other thing I see is that there are many cryptorooms on the market that already paid coders or coded themself to get a crypto deposit/withdraw system up. In the cases above, I only found 1 script that is worth the money, the guy initially wanted 2000€ and I bargained him down to 500€ last offer, which is 1/4 of what he paid for, which I believe him. It has many features, leaderboards, tournament api, revenue share/affiliate system, rakeback, etc. It would not be open sourced, we could use it, but not share it. I am a fan of open source, so If we would get a freelancecoder to do it for us, it would be released under a public license on github with the benefit of hopefully other people getting involved to the project. I am just in front of lots of options, and I have no clue where to go with them. Also the budget of rddpoker is about 25k rdd, so I would need to put in quite a bunch of my own money, which is rare at the moment 😅 one of the scripts I talked about is which is more or less an advanced, backend only, script, of the bargained version with full frontend suppport but less backend capabilities.