Have you had a look at my last posting? The problem with the deposit options are that there are coders with fully functional scripts, they cost 1k€ or more, there are coders with Agent scripts, found 2, one has more eyecandy, little other features, less agent features but enough, the other is a pure agent system with very detailed stats etc, both cost €500. The other thing I see is that there are many cryptorooms on the market that already paid coders or coded themself to get a crypto deposit/withdraw system up. In the cases above, I only found 1 script that is worth the money, the guy initially wanted 2000€ and I bargained him down to 500€ last offer, which is 1/4 of what he paid for, which I believe him. It has many features, leaderboards, tournament api, revenue share/affiliate system, rakeback, etc. It would not be open sourced, we could use it, but not share it. I am a fan of open source, so If we would get a freelancecoder to do it for us, it would be released under a public license on github with the benefit of hopefully other people getting involved to the project. I am just in front of lots of options, and I have no clue where to go with them. Also the budget of rddpoker is about 25k rdd, so I would need to put in quite a bunch of my own money, which is rare at the moment 😅 one of the scripts I talked about is which is more or less an advanced, backend only, script, of the bargained version with full frontend suppport but less backend capabilities.

Not trying to bash them, but the big difference to them & us is that we are here for fun with player in focus, they are here for extracting money since nobody invests just for the greater good...

hey boys (& hopefully some girls as well) 😄. hope you had a great week so far 🙂. I was thinking about getting a cashgame started on saturday or sunday? blinds 1/2rdd? Also I just renewed the windows server for our client at until 2018-09-25 make sure to report any issues, we should have enough ram/cpu power to support about 100 online players at once, but if you experience any issues let me know. I don´t have loads of money, but if neccesary I could upgrade.