@reddcoinP your current balance is: 1877.0 RDD ≈ $9.597

@reddcoinP has successfully withdrew to address: RcTisBrLgRZg2sMYYY8LPyiwHquMLsj2Fj of 1877.0 RDD

Also regarding the currently, very, lets say, not really beautiful community page at we used to use communityjunction as our theme of choice with some modifications, but there are issues using the forum function on site, resulting in pages not rendering. I have deactivated the theme now for some weeks, have been in contact with the coder of the theme ( which couldnt help me -_- ), tested it on different hosting environments, but always the same issue, no working forum, so as nice as the theme is, it is not an option at the moment. I am currently working, or more like breaking my head on finding a better alternative to give the site more eyecandy + usability without sacrificing loading speed, most prebuilt themes are bloated with in most occasions useless code.