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So a few people that are joining tommorows cashgame came up to me regarding the stakes we play in our cashgame tomorrow. General resonance is that blinds of 1/2 rdd with a max buyin of 400 rdd is not enough considering the current rdd price. So I was hoping to get a few more opinions. Which Blind stakes would you prefer? 1/2 RDD 400 RDD max (max buyin on table approx. 2 USD) 2/5 RDD 1000 RDD max (max buyin on table approx. 5 USD) 5/10 RDD 2000 max (max buyin on table approx. 10 USD)

hey boys (& hopefully some girls as well) 😄. hope you had a great week so far 🙂. I was thinking about getting a cashgame started on saturday or sunday? blinds 1/2rdd? Also I just renewed the windows server for our client at until 2018-09-25 make sure to report any issues, we should have enough ram/cpu power to support about 100 online players at once, but if you experience any issues let me know. I don´t have loads of money, but if neccesary I could upgrade.