Cool. Which game is starting?

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hey boys (& hopefully some girls as well) 😄. hope you had a great week so far 🙂. I was thinking about getting a cashgame started on saturday or sunday? blinds 1/2rdd? Also I just renewed the windows server for our client at until 2018-09-25 make sure to report any issues, we should have enough ram/cpu power to support about 100 online players at once, but if you experience any issues let me know. I don´t have loads of money, but if neccesary I could upgrade.

Josh Martell
Hey y'all.. I'll be more active as of now.. had a rough past two weeks..

dont worry, rddpoker will be there tomorrow as well, life is more important sometimes. How´s it going, getting less rough?

The DDSPS #7 Omaha & #8 Holdem are starting tonight at 8:45 pm & 9pm, tournaments are open for registration. Cashgame action at 6pm (GMT)

Can you tell us in EST and PST ? It will make it easier to support and play

I fell asleep yesterday, sorry, but my last week was horribly stressful, havent had more sleep then 4 hours in a day -.- did the ddsps start or didnt we get enough players?

What time does it start?

Sry boys i have been to the hospital, no worries everything fine, rddpoker is good but i have to keep a low profile for a few more weeks but i try to promote our platform as much as i can. Would love to see a cashgame night again soon, also communitypage will be back soon, looking for supporters pm :)