update sorry, dont wanna spam, just setting up that damn update bot 😄
Josh Martell
I'll be there for every tournament!

looking forward to some great games 😄. I´ll open a forum thread soon so we can post winners & update the leaderboard 🙂

I keep in the newsbot which posts updates from homepage, I can remove him too if neccessary but would be nice if it works now

Tech Adept (RDD)
Hey y'all. Someone mentioned poker?

Welcome to the group 🙂. Next Tournament starts this saturday, we are hosting the differdrift summer poker series over the month of june including two events each saturday ( 1 warm up freeroll/little later 1 buyin event with gtd prizepools) + a leaderboard for the monthly alltime winners.

Sry, should be fixed in one of the next updates 🙂

Great. Thanks for the update.