INFO FOR SATURDAY: Over the month of june we are having the differdrift summer poker series which also has a leaderboard and rewards you for each win in a tourney. More Info: Saturday= Tournament Day This week: PLO FREEROLL. 11 PM 50 RDD / 5 Points 150 RDD guaranteed NLHE MIDNIGHT 10+1RDD/10 Points SERVERTIME=GMT 0 Saturday 7 PM we are also having our first cashgame action with blinds 1RDD 2 RDD, which is offering some bonuses for new players: First 3 players seated at Cashgame Table DDSPS( will be opened 6:55pm saturday) will recieve 50 RDD + 100% upto 200 RDD Instant Deposit Bonus* upto 7 more players will be qualified to get a 100% upto 200 RDD instant deposit Bonus* *Cashout Restriction 250 Raked Hands Since we have yet to reach our funding goal to get the official deposit/withdrawal system up & running we are using the official Reddcoin Telegram Tipbot for withdrawals and deposits. For administrational reasons, to use the function, you MUST use the tipbot within the official reddcoinpoker telegram channel at if you want to do a deposit to Tips transferred within the regular reddcoin group will count towards the development goal. Please make sure to use the same username on rddpoker that you use on telegram so we can locate your account easily. If you use a different account please mention it when you deposit.

you guys up for a spontanous cashgame?

nevermind, my brain is just slow today

So a few people that are joining tommorows cashgame came up to me regarding the stakes we play in our cashgame tomorrow. General resonance is that blinds of 1/2 rdd with a max buyin of 400 rdd is not enough considering the current rdd price. So I was hoping to get a few more opinions. Which Blind stakes would you prefer? 1/2 RDD 400 RDD max (max buyin on table approx. 2 USD) 2/5 RDD 1000 RDD max (max buyin on table approx. 5 USD) 5/10 RDD 2000 max (max buyin on table approx. 10 USD)

My username and password from rddpoker isn’t found on reddcoinpoker link-up page

Cashgame action starting in around 45 minutes. First 3 Players to take a seat at the table recieve 50RDD instant bonus. Table opens 18:55 GMT First 10 Players to deposit recieve a 100% upto 200 RDD bonus

You can use the tipbot to fund your account.

Please set a telegram username in your profile settings!

in the following format: /tip @reddcoinpoker XXX RDDPOKER USERNAME: ENTERNAME.

in case your username differs from the one used here.

Please set a telegram username in your profile settings!

youll need to set a username first

Telegram username? It is...ugh ok

dont use my adress, enter /deposit yourself

My username on Rddpoker is different than my username on telegram

9* 100% upto 200 RDD deposit bonuses left.

Ernest Monge
As you can see we have 6 players logged on. Nice! This site will get up and running in no time. Later you can show me how to send you all $10 to help with our crowdfund goals

Youre awesome. Just play with us thats the best help you can give 😃 the rake is set very fair, but we will be able the reach the devgoal that way if we get some action 🙂

the cashgame starts 7pm gmt, table opens 6:55, first 3 players seated get a 50RDD bonuscash. 9 times 100% upto 200rdd deposit bonuses left. 50RDD freeroll at 11pm 150rdd guaranteed at 12pm. GMT 0

whats your username?

Deposit confirmed. 8 Times 100% upto 200 RDD Deposit Bonus left 🙂

cashgame table opens in 3 minutes, first 3 players seated recieve 50RDD instant bonus 🙂

cosmix & notoriousRDD get an instant bonus of 50, 1 more player to join & grab some free cash 😄

50 RDD INSTANT Bonuses gone, still 7 times 100% upto 200 RDD deposit bonus left 🙂

we got 5 players at the cashgame, anyone up to join us to get a little more action?

Initiating commands /tip & /withdraw have a specfic format, use them like so: Parameters: <user> = target user to tip <amount> = amount of reddcoin to utilise <address> = reddcoin address to withdraw to Tipping format: /tip <user> <amount> Withdrawing format: /withdraw

Initiating commands /tip & /withdraw have a specfic format, use them like so: Parameters: <user> = target user to tip <amount> = amount of reddcoin to utilise <address> = reddcoin address to withdraw to Tipping format: /tip <user> <amount> Withdrawing format: /withdraw

hey boys (& hopefully some girls as well) 😄. hope you had a great week so far 🙂. I was thinking about getting a cashgame started on saturday or sunday? blinds 1/2rdd? Also I just renewed the windows server for our client at until 2018-09-25 make sure to report any issues, we should have enough ram/cpu power to support about 100 online players at once, but if you experience any issues let me know. I don´t have loads of money, but if neccesary I could upgrade.

Also regarding the currently, very, lets say, not really beautiful community page at we used to use communityjunction as our theme of choice with some modifications, but there are issues using the forum function on site, resulting in pages not rendering. I have deactivated the theme now for some weeks, have been in contact with the coder of the theme ( which couldnt help me -_- ), tested it on different hosting environments, but always the same issue, no working forum, so as nice as the theme is, it is not an option at the moment. I am currently working, or more like breaking my head on finding a better alternative to give the site more eyecandy + usability without sacrificing loading speed, most prebuilt themes are bloated with in most occasions useless code.

Any poker today?

We got two tournaments launching in 30 minutes, which will have huge overlay considering the low player pool :D tomorrow there will be a cashgame as well. Sorry had a busy week, and working hard on getting the communitypage back live, :D , so enjoy the family atmosphere while we´re small :D

I´d be up for a little spontanous cashgame if anyone would like to play a few hands now Since both ddsps matches got cancelled today due to lack on promotion on my side ( sry had a busy day) I will schedule them again tomorrow when we host our cashgame night :)

Yeah it's better, my gf quit her job and tattoos have been light and had a lot of bills and traveling to see family just left me broke and stressing out but I figured it out ha I'm good..

Welcome to the group :) to deposit you can use the official tip bot, withdrawals are done via pm system. Make sure to place your withdrawal adress within our pokerclient at

Can you tell us in EST and PST ? It will make it easier to support and play

I hope so too. It would be a nice place to have a game using rdd

I hear ya. You can always look up GMT on google. I’m game to play a rdd cash game.

I´ll find a better way to get the timings announced, on future flyers there will be two time zones. 1 us 1 eu

The 2:00 one just ended.. heh

Yeah I checked the site a couple times and nobody was on. Plus the times listed are confusing. Yes I get you can look it up but that isn’t human nature. The easier the better, but anyways , time will tell whether or not your site gets some players now and then

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