at options you can set if you have a mobile or desktop. it is way smoother in mobile view in my opinion even on desktops i use it xD

Oh I haven’t signed up yet , sorry

Forget it. I haven’t completed the process

Have you had a look at my last posting? The problem with the deposit options are that there are coders with fully functional scripts, they cost 1k€ or more, there are coders with Agent scripts, found 2, one has more eyecandy, little other features, less agent features but enough, the other is a pure agent system with very detailed stats etc, both cost €500. The other thing I see is that there are many cryptorooms on the market that already paid coders or coded themself to get a crypto deposit/withdraw system up. In the cases above, I only found 1 script that is worth the money, the guy initially wanted 2000€ and I bargained him down to 500€ last offer, which is 1/4 of what he paid for, which I believe him. It has many features, leaderboards, tournament api, revenue share/affiliate system, rakeback, etc. It would not be open sourced, we could use it, but not share it. I am a fan of open source, so If we would get a freelancecoder to do it for us, it would be released under a public license on github with the benefit of hopefully other people getting involved to the project. I am just in front of lots of options, and I have no clue where to go with them. Also the budget of rddpoker is about 25k rdd, so I would need to put in quite a bunch of my own money, which is rare at the moment 😅 one of the scripts I talked about is which is more or less an advanced, backend only, script, of the bargained version with full frontend suppport but less backend capabilities.

Also we are currently using version 4 of pokermavens which is lacking some features, see: we miss all features upwards the 4.x versions, it would cost usd50 for the upgrade, should I hodl or upgrade? so much questions 😆

Differdrift´s Summer Poker Series powered by RDD Poker Server is +1 GMT, so for easier communication I will state the server time, for US time you will have to take the time -6- I try to get start times to work for both eu & us. So I had the following in mind: 4 weeks/ 8 Events Warmup Freeroll / Buy-in Event Week 1 june 2. 7 pm 50RDD Warmup Freeroll Texas Holdem No Limit 3000 Chips, 5 min. Blinds turbo structure 11 pm 100 RDD Guaranteed Prizepool Buy-in 5 RDD Texas Holdem No Limit 5000 Chips, 10 min. Blinds Freezeout Week 2 june 9. 10 pm 50 RDD Freeroll Texas Holdem No Limit 1000 Chips, 5 min. Blinds turbo structure 11 pm 100 RDD Guaranteed Prizepool Buy-in 5 RDD Texas Holdem No Limit 5000 Chips, 10 min. Blinds Freezeout Week 3 june 16. 10 pm 50 RDD Freeroll Texas Holdem No Limit 1000 Chips, 5 min. Blinds turbo structure 11 pm 150 RDD Guaranteed Prizepool Buy-in 10 RDD Texas Holdem No Limit 10000 Chips, 3 min. Blinds Turbo Freezeout Week 4 june 23. 7 pm 25 RDD Freeroll Pot Limit Omaha 25.000 Chips, 3 min. Blinds turbo structure 11 pm 150 RDD Guaranteed Prizepool Buy-in 10 RDD Texas Holdem No Limit 2500 Chips, 5 min. Blinds Freezeout Week 5 june 30. 7 pm 100 RDD Freeroll Texas Holdem No Limit 5.000 Chips, 3 min. Blinds turbo structure 11 pm 500 RDD Guaranteed Prizepool Buy-in 10 RDD Texas Holdem No Limit 10000 Chips, 15 min. Blinds Freezeout 2 Hour Late Reg/ One Re-Entry Leaderboard: Winner of Each Freeroll gets 3 Points Winner of each buy-in tournament gets 6 Points. 2nd Place gets 3 Points 3rd Place gets 1 point Leaderboard Winner will get 100 RDD Towards his Bankroll at Rddpoker + A Tshirt designed by differ drift +The Differdrift Summer Series Badge which has to be invented yet ( , :D ) Runner up gets a badge + 100 RDD Towards his Bankroll 3rd Place gets the badge only. What do you think, nice promo, or nah, more of this, or more of that :D ?

just wondering if youd like to see any changes, I also smuggled in one pot limit omaha event 😳

Differdrift Summer Poker Series starting this saturday by the way 🙂. lets see how bad the summer hole will be, I dont expect too much but I would understand, who wants to hang in front of the pc when the weather is that great. Nonetheless, even in case there arent that many players it will be lots of fun im sure 😃

Eric Paul
Coin has non stop freerolls

We will take longer to grow, but compared to a company like coinpoker we have no responsibility to investors and we can focus on putting all revenue back to the community instead of focusing on ROI & milking players like a cashcow. Not saying they do but I expect them to. I admit they have some great promos running, but in the end Its better to grow slow but constantly without having to fullfill the needs of investors.

its always -4 so 4pm for the 1st event and 8pm for the 2nd event 🙂

I created main event qualifier freerolls starting every half hour @ xx:35 & xx:05

main event qualifier starting in 1 minute 😄

And the winners of todays events are: Differdrift & Supermark13! Congrats and good luck in the leaderboard...

qualifiers for the main event starting every hour @ xx:x5 & xx:35

Im good .. just had to boot from my HDD instead of my SSD... Everything is cool .. thankfully.. using rymos wallet to prevent any future occurrences

Get prepared for Differdrifts Summer Poker Series Week 2, main event qualifiers starting every 30 minutes to get you in the 500RDD gtd. event for free 🙂

Using the tipbot, we can, even though not having an official deposit/withdrawal function yet, use that to have regular cashgames on weekends or ondemand 🙂

Good Evening Players 🙂. Are you up for a little cashgame action? I would like to start a game, blinds 1/2 min buyin 50rdd max buyin 400. Who is in?

Tech Adept (RDD)
Hey y'all. Someone mentioned poker?

Welcome to the group 🙂. Next Tournament starts this saturday, we are hosting the differdrift summer poker series over the month of june including two events each saturday ( 1 warm up freeroll/little later 1 buyin event with gtd prizepools) + a leaderboard for the monthly alltime winners.

Someone up for a little game? Would be great if we get some evening action going 😄 >> First 3 Players to sit down at my table (my private account name is loggableim) gets a 100 RDD Stack to play 🙂 Up to 5 more Players get a 100% upto 100 RDD Deposit Bonus added towards their deposit to RDDPOKER* While in beta we use the official reddcoin tipbot for withdrawals/deposits. To make your tip count as a deposit all you have to do is enter our Telegram Channel and use the tipping function in the channel, its the same bot you use in here, we just keep an overview of who is tipping and who is depositing that way. Also make sure to mention your screenname at rddpoker for your deposit in case it differs from the name you use in telegram. ( *min raked hands to cashout promotion funds: 250 raked hands. )

I Invented a new timezone 😃

There will be a cashgame tommorow evening @ 5pm GMT

I fell asleep yesterday, sorry, but my last week was horribly stressful, havent had more sleep then 4 hours in a day -.- did the ddsps start or didnt we get enough players?

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