And I have to validate my account to move them to my wallet

I am still figuring out the wallet

But I can’t get any coins to my wallet

It can stay on the rddpoker till ur wallet it good

Ok I signed up. Please help me. My username is Cosmix. I put in wallet address to receive coins if I win. I will work on getting my coins off Bittrex ..

Im good .. just had to boot from my HDD instead of my SSD... Everything is cool .. thankfully.. using rymos wallet to prevent any future occurrences

Every time I sign on to rddpoker, I am the only one logged on. I’m still trying to get my core wallet to sync for the first time. After that I will try and stake my coins. When is the next free roll tournament? I signed up for a PLO one today (for 6/30).

Yes on core wallet

youll need to put them on your tip wallet