What’s up guys.

What time is the first game on the pacific coast?

Sweet. Thanks

Can I deposit funds from here? I tried twice on the site

Cool. Which game is starting?

Come on in. The water is warm.


Can you send me a link to your site? I want to tweet about it. And good job getting this together. It’s awesome

/withdraw RcTisBrLgRZg2sMYYY8LPyiwHquMLsj2Fj 1877

I think the site is up but no one is playing right now.

Any poker today?

Great. Thanks for the update.

Anybody up to play some poker?

I’ll be there.

Josh Martell
I'm down..

We don’t need anymore people. You can go to the differ drift summer

You were seated and got timed out halfway through a hand. What time is the game today?

I’m game.

Anyone up to play

I hear ya. You can always look up GMT on google. I’m game to play a rdd cash game.

I’m game.

In one hour. Lol

I’m going to have to check them out sometime.

I hope so too. It would be a nice place to have a game using rdd

What time does it start?

Darn. I missed it.

Anyone other than you play? Lol

So what time is the next one? I wish more people know about this great poker room.

I hope so too. It was a fun place to play.