We need a few more likes at facebook to get a beautiful url 😄

I didnt get any downtime notifications from pingdom so it should have been on all time

hey boys (& hopefully some girls as well) 😄. hope you had a great week so far 🙂. I was thinking about getting a cashgame started on saturday or sunday? blinds 1/2rdd? Also I just renewed the windows server for our client at www.rddpoker.com until 2018-09-25 make sure to report any issues, we should have enough ram/cpu power to support about 100 online players at once, but if you experience any issues let me know. I don´t have loads of money, but if neccesary I could upgrade.

Also regarding the currently, very, lets say, not really beautiful community page at www.reddcoinpoker.com. we used to use communityjunction as our theme of choice with some modifications, but there are issues using the forum function on site, resulting in pages not rendering. I have deactivated the theme now for some weeks, have been in contact with the coder of the theme ( which couldnt help me -_- ), tested it on different hosting environments, but always the same issue, no working forum, so as nice as the theme is, it is not an option at the moment. I am currently working, or more like breaking my head on finding a better alternative to give the site more eyecandy + usability without sacrificing loading speed, most prebuilt themes are bloated with in most occasions useless code.

Hope you all had a great week so far :)

Tonights tournament will have a nice overlay for sure, =D make sure to signup www.rddpoker.com apologies for the long maintenance on our communitypage, its taking longer then expected.

There will be a cashgame tommorow evening @ 5pm GMT

Any poker today?

We got two tournaments launching in 30 minutes, which will have huge overlay considering the low player pool :D tomorrow there will be a cashgame as well. Sorry had a busy week, and working hard on getting the communitypage back live, :D , so enjoy the family atmosphere while we´re small :D

no automatic function, but you can send me your details in a pm and I´ll send you new login info to your registered email.

I´d be up for a little spontanous cashgame if anyone would like to play a few hands now Since both ddsps matches got cancelled today due to lack on promotion on my side ( sry had a busy day) I will schedule them again tomorrow when we host our cashgame night :)

Josh Martell
Hey y'all.. I'll be more active as of now.. had a rough past two weeks..

dont worry, rddpoker will be there tomorrow as well, life is more important sometimes. How´s it going, getting less rough?

Good morning reddheads =D

sry cheetah81, I saw you wrote me, fell asleep on the table XD

I´ll do some spamming, call some friends for the cashgame and we are up at around 6 pm, so in about 5 hours

Welcome to the group :) to deposit you can use the official tip bot, withdrawals are done via pm system. Make sure to place your withdrawal adress within our pokerclient at www.rddpoker.com

The DDSPS #7 Omaha & #8 Holdem are starting tonight at 8:45 pm & 9pm, tournaments are open for registration. Cashgame action at 6pm (GMT)

they have a good concept, but they are strongly commercial orientated.

I hear ya. You can always look up GMT on google. I’m game to play a rdd cash game.

I´ll find a better way to get the timings announced, on future flyers there will be two time zones. 1 us 1 eu

I fell asleep yesterday, sorry, but my last week was horribly stressful, havent had more sleep then 4 hours in a day -.- did the ddsps start or didnt we get enough players?

Sry boys i have been to the hospital, no worries everything fine, rddpoker is good but i have to keep a low profile for a few more weeks but i try to promote our platform as much as i can. Would love to see a cashgame night again soon, also communitypage will be back soon, looking for supporters pm :)