As you can see we have 6 players logged on. Nice! This site will get up and running in no time. Later you can show me how to send you all $10 to help with our crowdfund goals

Thanks for your help- I’ll be around

/tip @ReddcoinPoker 446 Cosmix1

/tip @ReddcoinPoker 446 Cosmix1

Can you tell us in EST and PST ? It will make it easier to support and play

Can I still join a tournament ?

I’ll play a cash game at 1pm gmt

They always have free rolls and at 7 pm (1pm GMT) they have a PLO freeroll tourney. It is fun

I already won hundreds of CHP and never have deposited

Anyways, I honestly rddpoker gets better over time. I have faith

Sorry something came up

Not sure. The flyers on here helped as a reminder

Yeah I checked the site a couple times and nobody was on. Plus the times listed are confusing. Yes I get you can look it up but that isn’t human nature. The easier the better, but anyways , time will tell whether or not your site gets some players now and then

Sounds good. Hopefully everything works out for rdd

Thanks for everything. It will all work out